Her Life

The Madison Brooks Foundation honors the memory of Madi Brooks, a 19-year-old student at LSU who sadly passed away on January 15, 2023. A beloved daughter, sister and friend, Madi extended kindness to those around her and will be painfully missed by many.

Madi lived her life to the fullest and enjoyed the simple pleasures of beach days with friends, shopping with her mother and Friday night football games as a cheerleader. Her brave spirit and sense of adventure led her to ski down the Rocky Mountains with her mother and sky dive over the Grand Canyon with her father. Madi was a sorority sister at Alpha Phi and championed friendship, unity and women’s heart health. In her last act of kindness, Madi donated her heart and kidneys to save the lives of others. Her heart was pure, her laugh infectious and her life was one that will forever shine in the stars above.

Madison Brooks

Her Legacy

It is in Madi’s honor that the Madison Brooks Foundation was formed with goals to provide financial help to those in need, to advocate for the safety of young adults and to spread awareness for the gift of organ donation. In lieu of gifts and flowers, please consider donating to the Madison Brooks Foundation.


Madi had a smile that beamed, one that made others smile even on their darkest days. We never want people to stop smiling and we ask that you help us spread Madi’s “smile” by participating in #MadiMadeMeSmile. Share the hashtag and your location on a day where you are reminded of Madi’s love. Pay it forward by performing a random of act of kindness where you also leave/distribute one of Madi’s cards so that we light up the world with her spirit and smile. Download the card here.

Madi in the Heavens

Within the Taurus constellation, a star has been recorded as the “Madi Brooks Star” in the International Star and Space Registry. As only Madi would have it, her star is located at the tip of the bull’s upper horn as a reminder to be BRAVE, STRONG & FEARLESS.